Games based learning

The aim of game-based learning is to balance subject content with gameplay and provide opportunities for the player to apply their knowledge and understanding of this subject content in a realistic and meaningful context. Within a game-based learning environment, learners work towards a goal, choosing actions and experiencing the consequences as they move through each game. Learners can make mistakes in a risk-free setting, and through experimentation, actively learning and practising the right way to do things. Game-based learning also offers a dynamic way to engage and motivate learners, making learning fun and purposeful. The fun element of game-based learning can also help minimise stress and anxiety that can often get in the way of learning. Games also provide a life enhancing experience for learners, revolutionize the routinized ways of learning through fusing learning, and play (Gee, 2007). Playing games requires learners to think creatively and solve problems in order to progress. This is associated with higher order thinking skills and fosters independent learning.

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