Maths in Context

Emile can encourage the development of fluency and conceptual understanding. Playing the games requires learners to solve problems and to reason mathematically using appropriate language and vocabulary. This can lead to deepening understanding and mastery.

The realistic context of the games can motivate, support and challenge learners as they engage with new subject content and re-visit and consolidate existing ideas in a variety of settings.

The games enable learners to engage with abstract mathematical concepts in an accessible and meaningful way. In the real world, mathematics is frequently about finding creative ways to solve problems. Learners need to be able to define the question, translate the question into a mathematical formulation, solve the mathematics and then translate the solution back in order to give the answer to the original question. Language is key to learners’ ability to articulate their ideas and demonstrate understanding.

Playing games provides a more relaxed and fun way to explore mathematics without the fear of failure, sometimes associated with the subject.

gameplay screenshot