Frequently asked questions

What/Who is Emile?

Emile is a maths and languages video game built for children. It is also the main character that navigates the Universe of Mathematics!

What is Games Based Learning

Games Based Learning is incorporating all the engaging and fun aspects of computer games and using them to educate a player.

What ages are covered?

Emile is presently designed to meet the requirements of year 3 and 4 of the UK national curriculum and so covers the ages 6-8.

Who can join Emile?

Anyone can join Emile. We have different memberships for primary schools (so that a teacher can monitor 30+ players) and for home/parent users.

What Technical Requirements do I need?

Emile makes use of HTML5 which is supported by all modern internet browsers. As such, Emile should run on all internet connected devices including on Windows XP devices (using mozilla Firefox), Windows 7 devices, Windows 10 devices (such as Windows Surfaces), Android devices (such as Kindles), and iOS devices (such as iPads) that have more than 512mb of memory.We suggest that screens below 7 inch are too small to play the games comfortably.

Do you use Cookies?

Yes. We use cookies to make the experience of using Emile as smooth and pleasant as possible. We record only the information we need to improve your experience.

Is it safe for a child to use unsupervised?

Yes. Once logged into Emile there are no links out to other sites.

How do I upload my pupils’ data?

Should you wish to upload all your pupils names to keep a complete record of their achievements, then you can do this by saving your pupil names as a csv file. Of course, our customer service agents are more than happy to help and guide you through this fairly simple process.

Will you help setup my school or class?

Absolutely. If anyone has any difficulties whatsoever, we would encourage you to call where one of our agents can guide you over the phone.

Can I use Emile offline?

At the moment, Emile is entirely online and as such requires an internet connection.

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