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Emile is an interactive maths resource designed by experts to teach children in schools and at home.

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“I learnt a lot!”

“I enjoyed the games and I learnt a lot. I also enjoyed it because now I know new things.”

Jacob, age 7


“I understand!”

“The games helped me to understand because I didn’t know how to spell the numbers.”

Mia, age 7


“it’s really fun!”

“When you turn learning maths into a game, it’s really fun!”

Bethany, age 8

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Designed by Manchester Metropolitan University

Emile has been designed by experts from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Education and School of Computing.

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Game based learning

Game based learning is a type of gameplay that has defined learning outcomes.

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Mathematics in Context

Students learn mathematics in “real” world situations.

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The Big Ideas of Maths

Emile has been built to ensure the Big Ideas of Maths are covered.

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Content Language Integrated Learning

Language taught in the context of mathematics.

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Teaching resources

Each game is provided with a full set of printable documents.

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Performance tracking

Parents and teachers can track the progress of individual students.

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Safe Environment

Students are safe to explore the Universe of Mathematics with Emile.

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English as an Additional Language (EAL

Emile can help children with English as an Additional Language

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